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The last day to pay your HOA assessments without late fees or interest is TODAY January 30th, 2019. Late fees and interests will be applied if your payment is not received by January 31st, 2019. The 2019 assessments are $1200.00. If you have not received your Seven Meadows invoice, please contact 7meadowskaty@gmail.com for an emailed copy.

The only way to make your payment on time is to pay online at www.townsq.io. When using a Bank Account, the fee is $2.95. When using a credit/ debit card, the fee is $44.95.

If you choose to mail in your payment, it will be late. Make sure to write your account ID on the check to avoid any more delays or issues with your payment. Please make sure it is mailed to:

Seven Meadows CA, Inc.

c/o PMG Houston

P.O. Box 3157

Houston, TX 77253-3157

The post mark does not mark the day received.

**Avalon (gated section) homeowners also pay an Avalon assessment. Contact Crest Management for that information.


Please see an explanation of the assessment increase from the Board of Directors below. For more information please contact e.slater@pmghouston.com

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