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Friendly Reminders

Work Order Requests:

Fort Bend

Fort Bend County recently published a free app for phones called “Connect with Fort Bend”. This is a handy app which allows you to report broken/missing street signs, curb repairs, abandoned vehicles, potholes, standing water etc. directly from your phone and allows you to upload a picture as well. Download the app on your phone and click “Report a Concern”. Click here for more information.


Fitness Center:

All children/teens under the age of sixteen must by accompanied by an adult in order to use the fitness center. All residents must have an access card handy in order to gain access into the fitness center.






Any painting, staining or varnishing of fence must be approved by the ARC. BEHR Natural 500, BEHR Cedar Natural tone 501, Thompson Harvest Gold, Thompson Clear and Ready Seal Natural Cedar are the only permitted varnishes.

Replacement or repairs of fences, walls or hedges must be made with identical materials and construction details as used in original fence, wall or hedge. Replacement with any other material must be approved by the ARC committee.

Trees/Lawn Care:

Flowerbeds must be kept weed-free.

Lawns should be mowed regularly during the growing season to accomplish a neat and manicured appearance and on an “as-needed” basis in the non-growing season consistent with the community standard.

The borders of the lawn must be kept neatly edge (walks, drives, buildings, flowerbeds, posts, curbs, etc.). All dead trees, shrubs and ornamental plants must be removed and replaced immediately to the original approved condition. Any landscaping that will be modified must have prior approval from the Declarant.

Landscaping (defined as living plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, etc., and utilization of non-living material necessary for growth, (e.g., bark, mulch, etc.) is generally not subject to ARC review and approval except in circumstances wherein such landscaping is intended to accomplish a structural objective, such as a hedge or visual barrier, or is visually objectionable, not in harmony with the surrounding neighborhood.


 Tree Stakes:



Thank you to the residents who removed the tree stakes! Violation letters are being sent to those that have not complied, and to avoid any further action please get yours down within the next ten days. There are a couple of Companies willing to assist you for a minimum cost- Ty Cooley with CLC at 713-289-4713 or Oscar De La Cruz with Houston Tree Pros at 713-839-5158.



If your home is in the MUD 34 district, please note that your heavy trash day is on Mondays rather than Thursdays. Please note that large items and lawn clippings in trash bags will not be picked up on Thursdays unless they are in your issued blue trash container. A notification of this schedule change was in the May water bill with more information. Please note that if you reside in MUD 35, your trash schedule remains the same. If you are unsure of which district you are in, please check your water bill for more information.


 Reporting Street Light Outages:

Click the image below to submit your request.


  Street Light out