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Park & Pavilion Rules


 Central Park & Pavilion Rules

vPark and Pavilion are for use of Seven Meadows residents and guests only.


vPavilion and Park close at 9:00 p.m.


vPavilion, bathrooms, and play equipment must be used in its intended fashion.


vPlease schedule any formal activities – football/soccer/baseball practices, parties, etc. through the Clubhouse at 281-394-2274 or email us at 7meadowskaty@gmail.com  to reserve your party or practice. 


vAll residents and guests are asked to respect the residents who have reserved the pavilion and/or park.
vPlease remove your trash when the party is over.  We suggest you bring trash bags.
      vBe aware of the electrical limitation.  Call if you have a questions about this.

vActivities need to be appropriate for the common grounds of the community. Central Park is for all of Seven Meadows residents and their guests to enjoy. If you have any questions on what is appropriate, please contact the clubhouse.


vFor more information, go to www.sevenmeadowslive.com or call 281-394-2274.