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Seven Meadows Residents
The Gaston Pool is closed at this time due to unexpected maintenance. We will update you through email blast and TownSQ when the facility is available for use. We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your understanding while necessary maintenance is completed. 

Seven Meadows Residents
We are pleased to announce Phase 2 of the perimeter fence project will begin soon. Phase 2 will include removal of concrete fencing and replacement with 6 ft brick fencing on Gaston Rd stretching from FM 1093 to Fry. Rd. The project will begin as early as January 24th and is expected to take approximately three months. From the end of Jan thru April 2022 weather permitting. Work will take place Monday through Saturday. A hand delivered note will be left at the door of homes affected at least a week in advance to include more information and steps to take to secure yards and prepare for construction. Please click here for a copy of the notice.  Please click here for the wall maintenance recommendations.  Please click here for the site map. 
Phase 3 will begin upon completion of Phase 2 and will include perimeter fencing along Seven Meadows Parkway. Beginning from May 2022 thru July 2022 weather permitting. Planning for Phase 4 is underway for Fry Rd. replacement.
Questions regarding the fence construction in your yard can be directed to the project manager Lou Sergeant at lou@ameicanwall.com  281-499-6695
Please direct any other questions to Seven Meadows at info@sevenmeadowslive.com



The HOA is aware of the outage of streetlights along one side of Seven Meadows Parkway. Management and Board Members have contacted Centerpoint many times in an effort to resolve this issue that reportedly involves a repair due to damage to lines. Please feel free to join our efforts to report the outage and any other streetlight outages at https://www.centerpointenergy.com/en-us/CustomerService/Pages/report-a-streetlight-outage.aspx?sa=tx&au=bus. It is important to note the 6 digit number on the poles when reporting a street light outage. Update: As of 1/18/22, we have been alerted that the lights should be working later this week. 

Seven Meadows January Board of Directors Meeting
January 27, 2022
6:00 PM
Zoom: www.zoom.us
Meeting ID : 2459165433
Password: 7M2020

Notice and Opportunity to Comment SH 99 from FM 1093 to I-10
Texas Department of Transportation
 Inside TxDOT
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 About Public Hearings, Meetings and Notices
 Hearings, Meetings and Notices Schedule
TxDOT is proposing improvements to SH 99 from FM 1093 to I-10 in Fort Bend and Harris Counties, Texas. TxDOT held a public meeting on Oct. 24, 2017, a virtual public hearing from Aug. 31, 2021 to Sept. 17, 2021, and an in-person public hearing on Sept. 2, 2021. This notice is affording an opportunity to comment as part of the environmental review process for this project. This notice and opportunity to comment is also being provided to affected local governments and public officials.  Comments must be received in writing on or before Nov. 30, 2021, to be part of the official record.
The TxDOT Houston District Office proposes to widen SH 99 from four to six lanes between FM 1093 and I-10 for a total distance of approximately 5.9 miles. The additional main lanes (one in each direction) are proposed to be constructed within the existing median. The proposed improvements also include an adjustment of ramp locations and the addition of right-turn lanes at various intersections. The existing right-of-way widths vary between 300 to 400 feet and the proposed right-of-way width would stay the same.
Although 0.96 acre of additional right-of-way would be required, no residential or non-residential structures are anticipated to be displaced at this time. Information concerning services and benefits available to affected property owners and information about the tentative schedule for right-of-way acquisition and construction can be obtained from the TxDOT district office by calling (713) 802-5269.
Memorandum of Understanding:
The environmental review, consultation, and other actions required by applicable Federal environmental laws for this project are being, or have been, carried-out by TxDOT pursuant to 23 U.S.C. 327 and a Memorandum of Understanding dated Dec. 9, 2019, and executed by the FHWA and TxDOT.
Reference the following project numbers: CSJ: 3510-04-019 and 3510-05-041

TxDOT Houston District
Public Information Office
P.O. Box 1386
Houston, Texas 77251
(713) 802-5077
Posted: Nov. 3, 2021

Please CLICK HERE for more information.

Let's keep Seven Meadows looking great! If you receive a deed restriction letter, it is because the Board of Directors and the management company are working diligently to keep the community in tip top shape to help keep YOUR property values up!
This month our inspection team will continue to focus on top violations such as:
Pressure washing of driveways and sidewalks
Trash/Recycling bins left out on non-collection days (these must be stored in garage or backyard where they cannot be seen from the road)
Lawns maintenance (yards should be tidy and well-maintained, shrubs and bushes trimmed neatly, flowerbeds mulched, and landscape borders well-maintained and weed-free)
Items in public view (examples include coolers, playground equipment, bikes, lawn equipment, empty/dirty plant pots etc. that need to be removed or stored properly)
To view the current Covenants Count Report, please visit the Community Docs page under the Homeowner tab. 

Seven Meadows amenities are open but please be advised that they are not sanitized on a regular basis. Use of amenities is "use at your own risk". Please follow all CDC and Ft Bend County health guidelines.

Dog Walkers! Please remember to pick up after your dog. There are 13 pet stations placed throughout the community with bags and a trash can. 

Have questions about pruning your young trees? 
CLICK HERE for helpful tips!


CLICK HERE for MUD 34 Notification System sign-up information.

Streetlight out?
You can report this online with CenterPoint by CLICKING HERE.  Make sure to note the 6-digit number on the pole. You can also send this to info@sevenmeadowslive.com. Thanks for your help!

Incorrect Delivery?
All mail inquiries should be addressed directly to the specific organization that is responsible for delivering the package (USPS, Fed-Ex, UPS, Amazon, etc.).
If you receive a package or delivery in error, we also recommend contacting the specific delivery organization so that they may take steps to correct the mistake.

Need more information on MUD 34 & 35?
CLICK HERE or visit the MUD 34 & 35 webpage under the Homeowner tab above. 

Roof Replacements and All Other ARC Requests
 Please remember that prior ARC approval is required for all new roofs regardless of color selection. Click here for the form which must be submitted before starting your project in order to avoid fines. Please remember to include a link to the shingle color online. Contractor signs are not allowed to be displayed in your yard. Click here for more information on shingle colors. 


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