2021 Annual Assessments
Account statements for 2021 have been mailed out to Seven Meadows homeowners via USPS.
The Seven Meadows annual assessment for 2021 will remain at $1,200
Please remember that payment is due on January 1st and LATE after January 30th. 
Payment must be received AND posted to your account by the 30th to avoid late fees. Postmarks do not reflect posted date.
Please allow time for payment to be received and posted, if sending by mail, or you may pay electronically via the TownSq app. To view the 2021 Budget please CLICK HERE and click on the HOA Financial Reports and Information section.
For information regarding online payments via TownSq, please CLICK HERE.
To view the 2021 Seven Meadows Annual Assessment letter, please CLICK HERE.

Click on the link below to schedule your appointment.

Sunday, 01/31/2021 (09:00 am - 03:00 pm) SIGN UP HERE
Seven Meadows Clubhouse
23610 Seven Meadows Parkway
Katy, TX 77494
The Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center will be offering FREE COVID-19 ANTIBODY TESTING to all successful donors! This test is authorized by the FDA only for detecting the presence of antibodies against SARS-Co V-2 and is not intended for diagnosis of Covid-19. For more information, please CLICK HERE


Let's keep Seven Meadows looking great! If you receive a deed restriction letter, it is because the Board of Directors and the management company are working diligently to keep the community in tip top shape to help keep YOUR property values up!
This month our inspection team will continue to focus on top violations such as:
Pressure washing of driveways and sidewalks
Trash/Recycling bins left out on non-collection days (these must be stored in garage or backyard where they cannot be seen from the road)
Lawns maintenance (yards should be tidy and well-maintained, shrubs and bushes trimmed neatly, flowerbeds mulched, and landscape borders well-maintained and weed-free)
Items in public view (examples include coolers, playground equipment, bikes, lawn equipment, empty/dirty plant pots etc. that need to be removed or stored properly)
To view the current Covenants Count Report, please visit the Community Docs page under the Homeowner tab. 

Seven Meadows Board of Directors Meeting
Date: Thursday, January 28, 2021
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Meeting via Zoom conference due to COVID-19
For questions, please contact e.slater@pmghouston.com.

Upcoming MUD Meetings
MUD 35
Wednesday, January 6, 2021 at 1:00 p.m.
CLICK HERE to view agenda. 

Katy Gaston Street Light Project
We are excited to get an install date for the street lights on Katy Gaston, brought to you by MUD 34. CenterPoint has received the equipment and they plan an install date of January 2021! We know everyone will be excited for this project to be completed and light up this well-traveled road in the community! New lights will be installed down the center of Katy Gaston from F.M. 1093 to S. Fry Rd. They will mimic the look of the lights on the north side of S. Fry.

Although the clubhouse remains closed to the public, the HOA office and staff is up and running and ready to help our Seven Meadows residents.
The office staff is available Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm. We may be attending meetings, conducting inspections, or helping another homeowner etc., but we will contact you as soon as possible. If an in-person meeting is needed, we are happy to set up an appointment with you.
Here is how you can reach us so that we may help you:
Clubhouse phone: 281-394-2274 (Voicemails are returned by the end of the business day, if not sooner)
Message us on the TownSq app or https://www.townsq.io/
If you have an after-hours property EMERGENCY, please call/text 281-896-9896 or call 713-329-7100.

The Seven Meadows Fitness Center is now open and available for use by Seven Meadows residents.
The new Amenity Waiver must be signed in order to access the facility. 
To view the Amenity Waiver, click HERE.
Fitness Center Hours: 4 AM - 11 PM
Maximum Capacity: 4
Click HERE for Fitness Center Rules

We have had several reports of mice/rats from homeowners in the community. The HOA has taken steps to increase rat stations around common areas. We ask the community to also take steps to prevent rodents. Please CLICK HERE to see tips from the CDC on preventing infestations with simple measures such as cleaning up around the yard, put away pet food, don’t keep bird feeders around the house, etc.

Many people in Seven Meadows have noticed a sod webworm infestation in their yards this year. Sod webworms are evident when you see moths that flutter over the lawn, especially early in the morning or when you walk through the grass. Sod webworms can cause a great deal of damage to a lawn quickly. If you are experiencing these issues, please check with your local garden center or home improvement store for guidance on treating webworms.   
Please see the articles below regarding sod webworms:

All amenities are open. Please note that they are not sanitized on a regular basis. Use of amenities is "use at your own risk". Please follow all CDC and Ft Bend County health guidelines.

Dog Walkers! Please remember to pick up after your dog. There are 13 pet stations placed throughout the community with bags and a trash can. 

Brick Fence Project
Phase one of the brick wall project is complete pending landscape repairs which will be done soon. The concrete fence was replaced in this phase with a 7ft brick fence which stretches along Katy Gaston Rd from Enchanted Crossing across Fry (behind Marcos Pizza area) and finishes up where the walking trail separates Seven Meadows from Cinco. The fence committee is currently working with the Board of Directors in determining the next phase for completion.

Have questions about pruning your young trees? 
CLICK HERE for helpful tips!


CLICK HERE for MUD 34 Notification System sign-up information.

Streetlight out?
You can report this online with CenterPoint by CLICKING HERE.  Make sure to note the 6-digit number on the pole. You can also send this to info@sevenmeadowslive.com. Thanks for your help!

Incorrect Delivery?
All mail inquiries should be addressed directly to the specific organization that is responsible for delivering the package (USPS, Fed-Ex, UPS, Amazon, etc.).
If you receive a package or delivery in error, we also recommend contacting the specific delivery organization so that they may take steps to correct the mistake.

Are you getting emails from Seven Meadows?
Please make sure you are registered on this website to see full details and to be on our distribution list.
This is a new website as of May, 2019. You must register again to log in to this website.
Thank You!

Need more information on MUD 34 & 35?
CLICK HERE or visit the MUD 34 & 35 webpage under the Homeowner tab above. 
Do you have questions about the NFBWA fee on your water bill?
 CLICK HERE for more information about the NFBWA.
NFBWA meetings are generally held on the 4th Wednesday of each month at the Willow Fork Country Club. 

Roof Replacements and All Other ARC Requests
 Please remember that prior ARC approval is required for all new roofs regardless of color selection. Click here for the form which must be submitted before starting your project in order to avoid fines. Please remember to include a link to the shingle color online. Contractor signs are not allowed to be displayed in your yard. Click here for more information on shingle colors. 


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