Central Park Pool

Pool Schedule 2022

Pool Rules
This pool is for the use of residents of the Seven Meadow Community Association Inc Subdivision Only. All guests must be registered and accompanied by a resident.
1.    A current access card is required upon entry with a 4 guest per card limit.
2.    All swimmers must shower before entering the pool area.
3.    No running or rough housing allowed.
4.    No glass containers or alcoholic beverages in the pool area.
5.    No loud music in the pool area.
6.    We recommend using U.S Coast Guards approved flotation devices. No large floats or boats are allowed.
7.    No balls, frisbees, squirt guns or similar type toys are allowed. (Soft Nerf-type balls are allowed).
8.    No diving allowed.
9.    Only one person on the slide at a time. No double sliding.
10.  Area below slide must be clear before next slider may go down.
11.  No face first, no backwards or standing up on the slide. Always go down the slide seated, feet first.
12.  There must be at least one (1) adult for every six (6) children. For every three (3) children under the age of six (6), one (1) adult must accompany. An adult is defined as anyone eighteen (18) years of age or over.
13.  Only non-swimming children 6 years old or under may use the baby pool and must be supervised by an adult.
14.  No pets allowed in pool area.
15.  Swimsuits only. Boys must have a drawstring suit. No cut-offs allowed in pool. No disposable diapers allowed in the pool. (Must wear swim diapers or training pants).
16.  No loud or abusive language will be tolerated.
17.  Anyone swimming after hours will be suspended for the remainder of the season and will have trespassing charges filed against him or her.
18.  Parents are responsible for their children and guests in the pool area.
19.  NO SMOKING or use of tobacco products in pool area.
20.  No wheeled vehicles allowed (except wheelchairs and baby strollers).
21.  No one with an exposed injury or wearing bandages is allowed in the pool.
22.  Lifeguards are employed to ensure the safety of all swimmers. Lifeguards have the authority to remove from the pool area anyone disobeying the rules or endangering himself or another person. The lifeguard has the authority to suspend the offender. Additionally, violations will be turned over to the management staff of directors. Repeat violations may result in revocation of swimming privileges for the remainder of the season.
23.  No swinging or climbing on any pool or splash park equipment.

Slide Rules
1. Maximum operational load: 1 person 300 lbs.
2. Children under 48 inches tall are not permitted on this ride. 
3. Eyeglasses must be securely affixed to riders with head straps.
4. Swim ear with exposed zippers, buckles, rivets or metal ornamentation are not permitted. 
5. Only one rider to enter flume at a time. Single riders only!
6. Never form chains. 
7. Slide must be ridden feet first lying on back or in sitting position (sit up to go slower, lie down to go faster). 
8. Riders must wait for the attendants to start signal before starting the ride.
9. Keep arms and hands inside the flumes at all times. 
10. Do not run, dive, stand kneel, rotate or stop in the slide. 
11. At the end of the slide, obey all instructions by splash pool attendant and exit quickly.
12. CAUTION: For safety reasons, pregnant women and persons with heart conditions or back trouble should not ride this ride.