Pavilion Rental

Pavilion Rules
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  1. The Pavilions are available for use by Seven Meadows residents and guests only.
  2. The Pavilions close at 9PM, daily.
  3. The Pavilion bathrooms and play equipment must be used in its intended fashion.
  4. If you would like to schedule any activities such as, sports practice or parties, please contact Management at the Clubhouse to reserve a Pavilion.
  5. All residents and guests are asked to respect the residents who have reserved the pavilion(s).
  6. Please remove all trash when your event is over. We recommend bringing your own trash bags.
  7. Please be aware of the electrical limitation. If you have a question about this, please contact Management at the Clubhouse.
  8. Activities need to be appropriate for the common grounds of the community. Central Park is for all of the Seven Meadows residents and their guests to enjoy.