MUD 34 & 35

MUD 34 and MUD 35 Information
Seven Meadows is part of two Municipal Utility Districts: MUD 34 and 35. 
MUD 34 services sections 1-8 and MUD 35 services sections 9-22 of Seven Meadows.
MUD meetings are open to the public with a Public Comments agenda item at the opening of each meeting.
MUD 34 meets the FOURTH Tuesday each month at 12:00 PM
MUD 35 meets the FIRST Wednesday each month at 1:00 PM
Meetings are held at 1300 Post Oak Boulevard, Suite 1400, Houston, Texas 77056

MUD 34 and MUD 35 have a contract with Best Trash for trash and recycle services in Seven Meadows. If you have issues with your trash collection, contact Best Trash at MUD 34/35 are also in a cost sharing contract of three Ft. Bend County Constable deputies who patrol the two districts.
For more information on setup/disconnect or paying your water bill etc.
MUD 34:
MUD 34 does not have a website
Phone: 281-347-8686  for info on paying your water bill
MUD 35:
Phone: 713.623.4531  for information on paying your water bill
Do you have questions about the NFBWA fee on your bill? Click here for more information.