• How can I rent the Clubhouse for a private party or class?
    Visit our Clubhouse Rentals page.
  • How can I reserve the Central Park pavilions and meadow?
    Visit our Pavilion rentals page. 
  • How do I reserve a tennis court?
    Click here to reserve a tennis court. Must have an account and PIN number to reserve. No private lessons allowed. 
  • How many people can I take to the pool or tennis courts?
    You may take up to 4 people per access card. Each household may have a maximum of 2 cards. 
Annual HOA Assesments
  • What do my assessments go towards?
  • When are my HOA assessments due?
    January 1st. 
Community Utilities
  • Do I live in MUD 34 or 35?
    Look on your water bill statement. At the top of the statement, it will say either MUD 34 or 35.  
  • I found a street light that needs repair, who do I contact to get it fixed?
    Center Point Energy. Click here for the form to report the specific light pole of concern. The number running vertically on the side of the pole is required. 
  • When are trash pick up days?
    Click here for all things TRASH! 
  • The community changes out seasonal color beds three times per year to keep the community looking attractive. We are often asked why more perennials are not used instead? (Updated)
    Seven Meadows does have quite a few perennials in our landscaped beds throughout the community. Examples are Blue Plumbago, Yellow Esperanza, Purple Leucantha, and Lantana.  However, we do not use perennials in our seasonal color beds because the growth habit of perennials is to die back or become dormant in the winter.  Freezing temperatures cause most perennials to die back to the rootstock and not reemerge until Spring.  In that case, our seasonal color beds would have no blooms for 3-4 months.
    We are always looking for ways to save landscaping costs without diminishing “the colorful look” of Seven Meadows. This summer we have 2 test beds in which we have replaced 1/3 of the seasonal color plants with an Evergreen named “Sunshine Ligustrum”.  One test bed is at Gaston and Crestford Park and the other is at Gaston and Willowleaf Garden.  We invite you to take a look and give us your feedback. To view a photo of one the test beds, please CLICK HERE