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Saturday April 6, 2019  8am-2pm
Rain or Shine
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April HOA Board of Directors Meeting
4/25/2019 at 7:00 pm
23610 Seven Meadows Parkway (Clubhouse)
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Seven Meadows CA, Inc. Deed Restrictions Compliance
The Seven Meadows Board of Directors and management staff strive to provide quality service to our residents while encouraging homeowners to take pride in one of their most valuable assets – their home.
At times, the deed restrictions guidelines may seem cumbersome and restrictive, but the overall purpose of the deed restrictions is to help maintain property value and maintain and improve the overall appearance of the community.
Achieving compliance by helping homeowners to understand the violation issue and guide them as to the proper course to take to cure the problem is our number one goal.  While most of our homeowners are quick to cure a violation, from time to time there are some who for one reason or another do not. After proper notification, these violations are subject to costly fines and potential attorney fines and fees.
Inspections – Are done on a weekly basis. When inspecting Seven Meadows, the inspectors determine deed restriction violations based on the community governing documents and architectural guidelines. If you did not receive these documents, you can find them by logging into or contact the clubhouse office at 281-394-2274.
Our inspectors have compiled a list of the items that are frequently cited for deed restriction violations. Please note that the items are all equally important when addressing the issue of maintenance and home values.
· Mildew/mold/stains – on the home, fence or driveway /walkway areas.
· Lawn maintenance – mowing every 7-10 days, edging, weed control, damaged sod replacement, mulch application, expansion joint grass removal etc.
· Landscaping – replacing dead, dying or missing approved plant material to assure guidelines are met, trimming all shrubs, maintaining landscape borders and weeding landscape beds and tree rings and applying mulch to beds and tree rings.
· Tree maintenance – replacing dead trees from the approved tree list. Trimming or pruning yard trees and street trees to allow for optimal growth and to allow emergency vehicles and buses to pass underneath on the street and for pedestrians to pass with ease on the sidewalks.  
· Gutter maintenance – remove/clean out all debris or dirt from the gutters. Maintain the exterior condition and assure that the gutters are fastened appropriately.
Exterior painting of house and garage doors– trim, siding and shutters must be repainted when the paint fades or chips. An Architectural Control form must be completed for any modifications made to the paint color of your home. Please report if you are using the existing color or supply a color sample of new color. Your paint must be in harmony with the brick on your home.
· Fences – must be kept in good condition. Rotted pickets and/or posts/rot boards and trim should be replaced. Fences should not be “wavy” and may not be painted. You must use one of the approved fence clear sealants. Homes that have a fence facing Crestford Park Dr or any walking trail must only be sealed with BEHR 500. No fence may be taller than 6 ft 6 inches. Please see website for fence details. An Architectural Control application must be filled out for all fence modifications. Painting or construction of an unapproved fence will result in fines or removal or rebuilding of fence.
· Driveways, walkway and sidewalks – should be cleaned or power-washed to remove mildew/mold, dirt and stains. Expansion joints should be kept free of grass and weeds.
· Public view – items such as trash cans, lawn bags, tools, toys, etc. should be stored completely out of public view. Trash cans or law bags may only be placed at the curb the night before the scheduled pick-up. Note: Best Trash collects on Monday and Thursdays. You can find their full schedule at
·         Holiday decorations – winter holiday decorations should be removed at this time and will receive fines after February 1.
· Property improvement without prior approval – all exterior changes to a property require a property improvement application and approval. This includes, but is not limited to, roofing doors, paint, windows, driveway extensions, playsets, landscaping changes.
Letter Notification Process for Seven Meadows Community Association adheres to the State of Texas mandated process.
A first letter will be sent with a time frame for the violation to be cured depending on the violation. Violations that are not cured are subject to fines. Homeowner will be notified of the fine when it is placed on the account. Fines are subject to continue upon each inspection where the violation remains. In addition to fines, the community may turn over deed restriction violations to the community attorney which homeowners will be held accountable for legal fines and bills.
We are here to help. Call the clubhouse office at 281-394-2274 or email with any questions.

Wood Fence Guidelines 
Permitted Sealants:
  • BEHR Natural 500
  • BEHR Cedar Natural tine 501
  • Thompson Harvest Gold
  • Thompson Clear
  • Ready Seal Natural Cedar

Any changes you wish to make your fence including material, color or height (wood fences must not exceed 6 feet 6 inches in height) must go through the ACC approval process. See, the TownSq app or come by the Clubhouse for the ACC application. 

Homes which have a fence which faces Crestford Park Ln, must comply with specific guidelines which are in place to reflect a consistent fence line along this street. An ACC application is required before the replacement of any fence facing Crestford Park, walking trails or common area.